Who’s Counting?

We get caught up counting the wins and the losses in our life. Possessions. The things that don’t last. The trappings of social media has now given us ways to get caught up with new digital ways to count. Whether it’s likes, loves, mentions, comments, views or whatever else that’s out there, we are still […]

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The Perspective Check

Life is hard, it gives you the test first and the lesson later. It pulls no punches. How we deal with these hits to the gut, head and body all depends on our preparation and training. But we are never fully prepared are we? No matter how much we train, or how much we try to anticipate the enemy, we can never have all the answers to meet all presented challenges.

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Future Blogs

Welcome back! After the T-Shirt series, I took a short break to consider how I was going to end the year off with my writing.  I always had all sorts of thoughts and blog ideas floating around in my head but it feels good to write them down and plan what I want to write […]

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