It’s Both

It’s both, it’s always both.

Circumstances and challenges are never just good or bad, they’re always both.

The promotion isn’t only good, it also has elements of bad.

Mo’ money, Mo’ problems.

Higher status –> more envy.

Bigger job –> larger potential for failure.

Greater success –> additional pressure to become even more successful.

The loss of a job?

Renewed opportunity to strive towards something better.

Greater focus on the core things that really matter.

Enhanced bond with loved ones.

Realizing that it is always both has been a blessing to me. In the Bible, the story of Lazarus exemplifies this concept. Lazarus is sick (bad) but Jesus, a known healer and friend of Lazarus, is on his way (good).

Jesus takes too long and Lazarus died (bad). Jesus arrives and raises Lazarus from the dead (good). Now Jesus goes from healer to resurrector (bad leads to good).

No matter how bad or how good, there is always something more to look forward to or a challenge to prepare for.

It’s Both!