Work Your Potential

A drawn bow, a compressed spring, a sling shot pulled back to its extent, a boulder at the top of a cliff – all these objects have a form of energy within them called potential energy.  Potential energy is a term in physics used to describe the stored energy of an objects position.  Meaning that the ability of an object to for example strike a target is directly related to position of the object and the energy within it.

A relaxed bow has zero energy but once it has been drawn back and its position has been altered from its usual, comfortable place, it will now have gained potential energy.

Isn’t this just like how God works in our lives?

God gives us gifts and skills, tremendous abilities that we have within us.  God then will force us from our comfortable positions into uncomfortable ones such that we have the opportunity to use these abilities to transform our surroundings.  He dictates the time, place and all the other aspects (family, historical circumstances, etc.) of our birth.  That means as soon as we’re born with our abilities we will also have gained potential energy.  He then continues to place us in new positions as we grow and mature, such that, we continue to have opportunities to enact His will.

But being in position with great abilities is not enough to actually transform our world.  We need to take our potential and do something with it (work) which leads us to another type of energy, kinetic energy.

Kinetic energy is the energy of motion.

Releasing the drawstring of the bow or sling shot immediately converts potential into kinetic energy.  It is now that the environment is changed around the object, it is now that the arrow, pebble or bolder starts to move through time and space to cause an effect on a target.  The target that these objects hit, will be directly affected by the amount of potential energy that was stored and the amount of kinetic energy created in the transformation.

You and I may have all the abilities in the world, we may even been in perfect position to do God’s work right now but if we do not exert ourselves, if we do not work, if we do not move, then we will remain drawn back with all the potential but with none of the impact.

Today, I’m working towards moving myself into position, into uncomfortable circumstances so I can gain more potential energy.  Once I’m there – I move and work as hard as I can with the hopes that I can make some impact in the world I live in.  I’m trying to work my potential because after all, aren’t we are supposed to be the salt of the earth?

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