Show Them Your Messy Kitchen

I often use the term “messy kitchen” to describe my creative process.  It is the behind the scenes look of how my ideas or concepts develop into a final product.  It is the egg shells and left over bits when creating an omelette or the blooper reel and cutting room floor takes of a movie or TV show.  It is the process.  The things we deal with and do that are absolutely necessary to the development of the finished product.

When it comes to cooking, entertainment and other things we buy, we typically enjoy seeing the messy kitchen and creative elements that produce the things we love and appreciate.  It gives us enhanced insight, perspective or it may even be hilarious but regardless – we truly enjoy consuming all the messy bits.

But what about the messy kitchen of our lives? Or that of someone you’re dating, or even a spouse or family member?

Are we as willing to show that part of ourselves or appreciate someone else’s previous and current mess?

Most people (and rightfully so) are afraid to show others their messy kitchen.

I mean who wants rejection, scrutiny, and everything else that may come when showing others the “not so orderly” side of ourselves.

But as I think it through, I believe that our mess is an important part of US.  It is a part of the natural order of our being.  It is the egg, the caterpillar and the pupa stages that leads to our current state of existence.  It is an honest display of all that it took to get us where we are.  It is NOT what people see on Instagram or Facebook… it is certainly more, much more.

We should let the world appreciate us – not only for who we are but also for all the stages, transformations and messy bits that we had to deal with in the process.

Show them our messy kitchen and if they run away … well that is THEIR problem.  Let them go deal with some else’s mess then… because we ALL have a messy kitchen somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Show Them Your Messy Kitchen

  1. Great thoughts and points on how transparency is a good thing even when things are messy. Awesome.

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