Who’s Wearing Your T-Shirt?

We love wearing T-shirts.  Whether it is a sports team logo, graphic design, a political statement or our favorite music artist(s), we often use T-shirts as a way to state our point of view or to even connect us to a larger purpose or vision.

I wear my Ravens T-shirt, especially on football Sunday, to let people know I support the Ravens (well at least I used to, but we’ll see how well they play this season lol ) or sometimes I wear a T-shirt with the logo and message of my Church  (The Mix Church in Baltimore, MD) as an advertisement so people can ask me more about my place of worship.  We have lots of reasons for wearing T-shirts but in general it is to make people know we are supporting something.

One of my mentors @1semit once explained to me the concept of someone wearing my T-shirt, especially when I’m NOT around.  This “someone” would figuratively wear my T-shirt and support me whether I was around to see them do it or not.  They are really advocatesAn advocate is a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.  In this case the particular cause is you, you are the person they are supporting and recommending, you and your abilities, skills and background.

You may never know when these advocates are supporting you but one day you may get a new opportunity or promotion that you may have seemed unqualified to get.  An advocate who is wearing your T-shirt can change you from unqualified to chosen.  An advocate may not receive any person gain for wearing your T-shirt, they do it because they see you as an answer to a problem.  You are the solution.

So now the question remains – Who is Wearing Your T-Shirt?

Can you list them?

Do you even have a brand that you can put on a T-shirt in the first place?

Imagine if we had our own brand of T-shirt.  A Kerron Duncan or @kd_blogs branded T-shirt.  But who would wear it?  Maybe my friends and family would wear it on occasion but who else?

The concept of an advocate wearing your T-shirt and branding your own T-shirt will be subject of my blog series for the next few weeks.

Here are the blog entry titles for this series – hope you enjoy it!

Who is Wearing Your T-Shirt?

  • I explain the concept of advocacy and someone wearing your T-shirt when you are not around.

Designing Your Own T-Shirt.

  • I’ll discuss how you determine your strengths, message and branding to help design your T-shirt.

Making Your T-Shirt.

  • Now that you have the key parts of your brand – how do you put it all together into a package for your future advocate to wear?

Selling Your T-Shirt.

  • You have your T-shirt – now it’s time to sell yourself.  This blog will discuss selling your brand to the right individuals.

Evolving Your T-Shirt.

  • You have advocates wearing your T-shirt but you have also been refining your brand or maybe you are ready for new challenges.  It is time to evolve your T-shirt and gain new T-shirt wearers.

5 thoughts on “Who’s Wearing Your T-Shirt?

  1. You’ve got my attention with this series, “Who’s Wearing your T-Shirt”. Looking forward to applying these principles to my future brand. Thanks for sharing.

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