Making Your Own T-Shirt

In my last blog “Designing Your Own T-Shirt” we discovered the raw materials needed to create our T-shirt.

  1. Fabric (Strengths)
  2. Color (Experiences)
  3. Logo (Successes)

Now we can follow typical manufacturing phases found in any industry (clothes, automotive, etc); material selection, processes and quality control.

Phase 1: Select the Right Materials

We covered the selection of the materials in my last blog but let’s quickly review them again.  The fabric is developed from our strengths, the best parts of ourselves, and used as the foundation of the T-shirt.  The color represents our experiences.  These experiences add our personality to the T-shirt such that it becomes inherently ours.  The logo signifies the successes we’ve had and is a reminder of what it means to win.

Phase 2: Trust the Process

A process is simply a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular need.  In this case our process is the fusion of the 3 materials by the following means.

  • Combine your strengths with your experience by highlighting your moments of failure and triumph.
    • Keep stories and examples of events in your life that show times that you failed as well as those stories that you were successful.
  • Highlight the awards and public recognition you’ve received to help strengthen your logo.
    • Keep a running list of the things you’ve been awarded.  The world deserves to hear about your successes

The process keeps you focused on your goal – to demonstrate the best version of you that currently exists.

A thorough process may take months or years.  It can’t be rushed.

This is where we have to take the time to come into our age.  Where we decide that we’re not only aging and maturing but we’re also coming INTO our age (using the definition of age as a distinct period of history).  We are learning from our mistakes, sharpening our talents and staying focused on our mission.

In other words, it is our time to shine – but the process will be full of challenges and we should expect nothing less.  The pruning won’t feel good but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Patience in the process is important but I believe as long as we keep striving, grinding and continuing to set new expectations for ourselves, the process will reveal itself and support our greater mission.

Phase 3: Control the Quality

Quality control is a crucial part of the making process.  For our T-shirt, the fusion of our processed materials could yield mistakes, so we must compare the final product to our original vision.

To do this we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Does the T-shirt represent our values and mission?
  • Have we checked to make sure all our strengths and abilities are represented?
  • Have we done the best job we can to present our brand?

If the answer to these questions is Yes, then we have succeeded in our goal to make the best version of our brand that we can possibly put together at this current moment.

If the answer is No, then we need to consider what we’re missing and go back to phase 1 and find those materials necessary to our brand development or refine our process.


Now our T-shirt has been manufactured with the best materials we have, it has been through the process to infuse our brand with our strengths, experiences and successes and also we have checked the quality of the product to make sure it is true to the best version of ourselves.  The next step is to sell our T-shirt but as you’ll find out, the best way to sell your brand is to become your brand.

Thanks for checking into my blog and let me know your thoughts about the content!


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