Wearing Your Own T-Shirt (It Sells Itself)

For the past few weeks of following this blog series entitled “Who’s Wearing Your T-Shirt” you’ve hopefully bought into the concept of someone wearing your brand (or T-shirt) when you’re not around.

You’ve spent the time identifying your strengths, leveraging your experiences and honing in on your successes.  You’ve also done the necessary work to conceptualize, design and make your T-Shirt by fusing these materials into a single package that represents the best you have to offer to the world.  Well, let me rephrase that.  The best you have to offer to the world right now – you, me, we… are constantly evolving, gaining strength and experiences, which leads us into the last topic we will cover in this series (Evolving Your T-Shirt).  But first, lets consider how we can sell our finished product.

After making our T-shirt it is time to sell it – sell your brand and its benefits.  I believe the best way to advertise your T-Shirt or Brand is to become it.  It’s time for YOU to wear your own T-shirt.

Why would someone want to wear your T-Shirt if you aren’t even wearing it yourself?

When we wear our T-Shirt proudly, 3 things happen.

  1. We Feel Comfortable In Our Own Skin

The first thing that happens when you put on your T-shirt is that you feel like you have finally become who you were meant to be.  All gears are moving together – everything is fitting into place, the cipher is now complete.

  • You have accepted that you are strong but have had relevant experiences that have placed everything into perspective.
  • You are also aware of your successes and have humbly accepted them.
  • You now understand how all your experiences have played a crucial part into making you into the person you are today.
  • You also acknowledge that your best self could be very different than someone else’s best self and that is OK.  Your bar is not their bar.
  1. People Notice and Compliment

Yes, people will see your best you and over time they will complement you.  They’ll see the confidence and security you have and will wonder about its source.  They’ll recognize your strengths because you will be applying them consistently in your efforts.  They’ll gain insight into your experiences because you’ll reference them as key contributors to your perspective and your success.  They will appreciate your successes because they will watch them unfurl in your day to day.

My approach for dealing w/ compliments and the spot light is simple.  Appreciate it, bask in it, remember it but don’t absorb it for too long.  Do not downplay your accomplishments.  Do not try to diminish your value.  Just remember to measure everything and hold fast to what is good.  Paraphrased from the Bible verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:21.  Remember that this is just a moment – enjoy it but then quickly go on to your next challenge.  You won’t always hit the mark, so these moments of appreciation can hold you through some tough times.  Based on your prior experiences you should already know that tough times are indeed inevitable.

  1. Others Start Wearing It

Now that you’ve become comfortable and others are complimenting you and noticing your skills they will begin to start wearing your T-shirt.  It typically starts with them referencing your work while in your presence but eventually they’ll mention it when you aren’t around which is exactly what we’re looking for.  Advocates who reference our strengths, experiences and successes when there is an applicable opportunity.


How did this all start again?

It started with us recognizing the need for others to see our light.  We have God given abilities.  It is very important that we recognize our own light.

Then we developed and cultivated that light.

Then we started shining and we wore the light.

After that the world noticed.

This is the payoff.  Finally…

Thank you, as always, for reading my blog entry.  Please let me know your thoughts.


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