Future Blogs

Welcome back!

After the T-Shirt series, I took a short break to consider how I was going to end the year off with my writing.  I always had all sorts of thoughts and blog ideas floating around in my head but it feels good to write them down and plan what I want to write about first.

I’ve also been looking into copyrighting my work and creative ownership for my future content which will hopefully include a few books 🙂 and a movie or two (why limit myself prematurely? lol).

So I’ve come up with the following list of ideas that I will be writing on for the remainder of the year.


  • The Perspective Check(box)This blog will discuss the checklist that people have in their heads (or even written down…sickos smh, lol) when dating.
    • It’ll focus on one check box in particular – The Perspective Checkbox.
    • This box requires the potential date to have “perspective” – a specific set of point of views on various important matters.
    • I’m not talking about if that person likes sushi or not or whether they enjoy swimming or outdoor activities.  I’m talking about much more important matters than those.  Such as:
      • Does that person have kids and understand the demands of raising a child or children?
      • Has that person been in long term relationships before and understand that what once was a great relationship could eventually end forever?
      • Does that person realize that God is the only one in charge here and we have to serve him to gain his view on life?
  • Who’s Counting? This is a topic that struck me as I was working out with a buddy. I was finishing up a difficult set of repetitions and he was counting them for me.
    • His counting allowed me to go beyond my usual amount of reps because I was allowed to focus on pushing my body, instead of keeping track of my count.
    • When I work out alone I have to both exert the energy, keep mentally focused and keep track of my progress in the exercise by counting.  It is a lot to handle!
    • I was thinking that maybe we spend too much time counting than making progress or remaining focused in our life.  From salaries, number of cars, acres, jewelry, people you’ve slept with, homes, vacations, infinity stones…
    • The real question ends up being whether God is counting the same things that we’re counting.
    • Does He view those things as significant enough to even count?   Yes you’ve done a lot of things and accumulated a lot as well but… Who’s Counting?


  • The One Who Saves Jesus is the one who saves… not humans, be careful in assuming someone is going to take you away from it all.  Only God can do that.
  • KD’s Mix-Tape 2018 This will be a list of 12 hip-hop songs that I listened to throughout this year.
    • Each song is matched to the month that I most felt represented my emotions and approach to life during that period of time.
    • This has been a significantly challenging year for me and these songs were the backdrop to my life during the bad and great moments.


  • All For What?Now that the year has passed – what happened and what did I learn and what will I do with this information (and hopefully convert it into knowledge).

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Future Blogs

  1. What about a perspective wheel? Or a perspective mirror? A checklist seems so formal and rigid when dating. What about a perspective footprint??? Yes!! So instead of creating a list, watch the perspective “footprint’ or “mindprint” of the date. Therefore you see things not on the list, while keeping “the list” in sight but not the forefront. I hope this makes sense.

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