The Perspective Check

Got Perspective?

Life is hard, it gives you the test first and the lesson later. It pulls no punches. How we deal with these hits to the gut, head and body all depends on our preparation and training. But we are never fully prepared are we? No matter how much we train, or how much we try to anticipate the enemy, we can never have all the answers to meet all presented challenges.

So, if you’re planning on going through life with someone (mate, significant other, partner) you will definitely want this person to truly understand these facts of life.

You want a partner that has perspective.

A partner that knows that you will never be fully prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.  One that knows how to look at situations the right way to get the most positive result out of the event.

I love the following definition of perspective:

The capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance.

A person with perspective has the ability to view things as they are AND also weighs them to determine their importance to the past, present and future.

After spending some time considering the characteristics of a significant other with perspective, I’ve determined 4 key traits.

Each one of these traits are essentially lenses that we use to gain perspective.

1.   They Can See the Heavens 

No matter the current conditions or challenges that person is facing – they will continue try to keep an eye on the bigger picture or have a God’s eye view of that situation.

In ancient times, people would search the heavens looking for answers to events happening on Earth (and we still do).  This the same idea.  Don’t lose track of the here and now but try to consider how the current situation may have far reaching effects beyond what we see.

Look to God in Heaven to gain knowledge about events on Earth.  Stay firmly on the ground with your eyes on the stars.

This perspective is like the lens of a telescope.

2.   They Can See the Earth

This is where that individual with perspective focuses in on home.  The immediate environment that is under their control or dominion.

They observe their surroundings and put anything of issue or concern under a scrutiny.

Their close up view of their surroundings allows them to deal with situations at a deep level. Reaching the core of these situations and applying insight when needed.

God gives us discernment of all things.  The attention to detail that searches out issues and digs deep.

This perspective is like the lens of a magnifying glass.

3.   They Can See the Sun

The sun is our primary source of light and energy. It is essential for human life but yet we cannot look at it directly with our own eyes.

The Mayans discovered that by using polished obsidian they could observe the sun safely and use what they learn to create accurate calendars that supported their community in tremendous ways.

The ability to improve clarity and protect the eyes is an important perspective to consider.  This perspective enables the viewer to see beyond the tough circumstances that may otherwise cause them to look away.  The eyes are protected so that further insight may be gained.

We all need to be able to look directly at the bright things, the things that blind us and see them for what they truly are.  It may be our future or it may be a challenge, regardless clarity and protection are important characteristics to have as a lens.

This perspective is like the lens of a piece of polished obsidian.

4.   They Can See Themselves

The mirror knows and sees our true selves.  It keeps us honest.  It reflects back our image and our memories.  It reminds us of our scars.  It emphasizes our excitement or our weariness.  We pose and parade in front if it.  It gave us the first selfie.

The mirror doesn’t seek to blame others for what is reflected.  No, mirrors only show what you present them, you can’t blame anyone else for what it shows.  It is all on you.

Mirrors are also critical and give immediate feedback.  The perspective of a mirror is important for all the previous reasons and self reflection is key to becoming self-aware.

And once you become self-aware you can then adapt to any challenge in life.

This perspective is like a mirror.


We want to thrive, we want to be champions, to be conquerors don’t we?

The only way you can take the shots life will inevitably send your way and still consider yourself a conqueror is by having a perspective that supports this view of life.

A view that understands that getting knocked to the mat is a lesson worth learning not a defeat that needs to be focused on.

Each hit is an exclamation point requiring your focus and attention. Each cut or wound are opportunities for Gods healing power to manifest and transform them to to scabs – fading aesthetic reminders of past struggles and lessons learned.

The pain may not truly go away in some cases but the perspective of the experience is what lasts the longest. Finding a partner that had perspective is a gift from God. This person sees challenges like how He sees them. Blips on the Radar to distract you from the real target, the real enemy, the real purpose. Who is the enemy? Any and everything that prevents you from seeing that you are meant for much more than your current circumstance has you thinking.

Imagine us having that type of perspective…Amazing right?

Now imagine two people coming together with united purpose, vision and their own separate but complementary perspectives.

Imagine the impact that they could have on their world.

2 thoughts on “The Perspective Check

  1. I love reading about perspective because it draws me back to the “why” behind everything in a lens that also demands action. Great article Bro.

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