Who’s Counting?

We get caught up counting the wins and the losses in our life. Possessions. The things that don’t last.

The trappings of social media has now given us ways to get caught up with new digital ways to count. Whether it’s likes, loves, mentions, comments, views or whatever else that’s out there, we are still keeping track, forever entrapped in the fatal mechanisms of life that keeps us unfocused and seeking relevance from strangers and friends alike.

And if all of that wasn’t sad enough, the truth is that we can’t count! Well… we don’t know WHAT to count. If someone asked us to count our possessions more than likely we would start off with house, car or material things instead of the key possessions of our life that actually matter – such as: I possess a passion for entrepreneurship or for healing the sick or for STEM education. Those are real possessions. The ones that people can’t take, the ones that endure, the ones that God put into us from the very beginning.

Yes indeed, we do have a hard time counting.

A good example of this is when it comes to exercising. Have you ever noticed that when someone else counts your repetitions (of some exercise) you can always find yourself pushing through the pain and exhaustion much more easier than you having to counting the reps yourself?

So there it is. We all need help counting. All of us need acCOUNTability partners. People who will count for US. They will remind us of the count. They will remind us of how far we’ve come, the goals we previously set and coach us to the next level. They will remind us of our goals when we’re about to give up on them and quit.

Do you have an accountability partner or partners? If you don’t – start seeking some now. It’s the key to doing life. Don’t do it alone.

6 thoughts on “Who’s Counting?

  1. What qualities should you look for in an accountability partner? Nevermind. After pondering, I realized all the important people in my life are my accountability partners. Throughout my life from time to time I would search for an accountability partner at church, through a study group, or at work. We would check-in with each other daily, but eventually communication would fall off and months would go by without hearing from them, or them me. Accountability is a mark of a true love relationship.

  2. I agreed with you completely. That’s the “doing life together” aspect of an accountability partner. They not only care about your well-being but they also care about how you are doing in your journey too.

  3. So, I’m being a stalker because something led me here today. Totally agree with this post and love the word play on “accountability”. What’s sad is that from time to time I find myself in that rabbit hole, scrolling through mindlessly, wasting precious time and comparing or to play on your words, counting. Counting what I lack.

    Not taking heed to the things that are more important like, health, love, family etc. nor the life that I built for myself and my offspring. Thanks for keeping me aligned.

    Keep em coming!

  4. Hey Stalker, 🤗! It happens to all of us… but we absolutely need to keep focused and aligned on the important aspects of our lives. Glad that it helped!

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