The One Who Saves

The One Who Saves

A poem by Kerron Duncan


We all need some saving, a little help now and then

To get us out of situations that we find ourselves in.

And yes the struggle may be no ones fault but our own

As we pray for relief – after this time we’ll atone.


Perfected through these trials, in the end we surmise

As long as we can get through the challenge in time.

There’s a war going on inside, in our minds

We guess that is why we have to fight through these battles each time.


When we observe those who save and the courage they possess

Policemen, firefighters, doctors, nurses and the rest.

We’re not like them at all – no training, no uniform

We don’t have the skills necessary to hold back the storm.


Plus as Christians we know Jesus is really the one who saves

But it’s truly hard to see him in our battles everyday.

We consider the Bible and the answers it’s meant to provide

Stumbling through verses revealed this to me like a sign

When we are crucified with Christ it is no longer we who survived

But it is God’s son, Jesus Christ Himself who now lives inside.


Now we take a step back and contemplate the meaning that we see

The awesome reality that the One who saves

Is Me.


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